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Ninh Thuan ( Ninh Thuận) is located in the coastal Southern Central region of Vietnam, which is an important geographic position among three main economic regions. It is also a famous place with many attractive tourism destinations. When arriving Ninh Thuan, visitors seem to be entered a new world, full of attraction with the architectural works of the ancient Champa Kingdom. Besides the unique architectural works, traditional villages are also attractions in Ninh Thuan. Mysterious beauty of each places in here always leaves a lasting impression on visitors.


The beauty of Ninh Thuan is impressive like a lively picture with mountain and sea. Photo: @tien.phong

When is the best time to visit to Ninh Thuan?

From Ninh Thuan travel guide, when is the best time to visit Ninh Thuan?

Ninh Thuan’s climate is the driest and hottest region of the country. So, the most suitable time to travel to Binh Thuan is in December and January. The weather in this time is more comfortable and pleasing to go out and visit the attractions in Ninh Thuan.

+ From April to June: This time is suitable for visitors to swim and experience your summer on beaches.

+ August, September, October: This is the season of ripe grapes and many unique festivals of the Champa people.

 The beautiful places in Ninh Thuan

 Vinh Hy (Vĩnh Hy) Bay

Vinh Hy ( Vĩnh Hy) is one of the most beautiful bays in Vietnam. Going along Provincial Highway 702, visitors will cross the spectacular mountainous and poetic roads to get to Vinh Hy Bay. Coming to Vinh Hy, besides taking a glass bottom boat discovering coral, visitors immerse yourself in Ba Dien beach, scuba diving, enjoy fresh seafood at restaurants or go surfing.

++Location: Vinh Hai (Vĩnh Hải) commune, Ninh Hai (Ninh Hải) district, Ninh Thuan (Ninh Thuận) province.


Thanks to its many mountains and caves with clear blue water, Vinh Hy Bay attractives visitors from everwhere. Photo: @lehatruc

Dinh Cape (Mũi Dinh)

Dinh Cape is around 40 kilometers south of Phan Rang – Thap Cham City, Ninh Thuan Province. The most famous spot at Dinh Cape is the lighthouse which was built by the French in 1904. From the lighthouse, visitors can have a panoramic view of the tranquil area with the blue sea, mountains, trees.

++Location:  Son Hai ( Sơn Hải) Village, Phuoc Dinh ( Phước Dinh) Commune, Thuan Nam (Thuận Nam) district, Ninh Thuan (Ninh Thuận) province.


The beauty of many rocks in Dinh Cape is extremely impressive. Photo: @lehatruc

Ninh Chu (Ninh Chữ) beach

Ninh Chu ( Ninh Chữ) beach is one of the most pristine and beautiful beaches in the central region and one of nine beautiful beaches in Vietnam. With 10 kilometers long and blue sea, white sand, fresh air, soft waves all year round, Ninh Chu is an ideal beach for swimming, windsurfing, fishing, boating, hiking.

++Location: Binh Son ( Bình Sơn) village, Khanh Hai ( Khánh Hải) town, Ninh Thuan ( Ninh Thuận) province.


Ninh Chu beach is one of the top beaches of the central of Vietnam. Photo: @kh4inguyen75

Rai (Rái) Cave

When travelling to Ninh Thuan, visitors cannot miss Rai ( Rái) Cave- a stunning cave with majestic natural landscape and unique terrain. This is a highlight spot of Ninh Thuan travel that attracting many visitors. Especially from November to March is an ideal time for visitors to visit and a good opportunity to exploit Hang Rai, capture beautiful pictures of the waves, the lush layers of moss on ancient coral reef.

++Location: Thai An ( Thái An) Village, Vinh Hai ( Vĩnh Hải) commune, Ninh Hai ( Ninh Hải) district, Ninh Thuan ( Ninh Thuận) province.


Hang Rai owns majestic natural scenery, waterfalls on the sea and unique terrain. Photo: Thien Thach Photography

Coral island ( Đảo San Hô)

Coral island attracts visitors with beautiful green mossy, fresh beaches that bring for visitors a comfortable and peaceful feeling. 

++Location: Thanh Hai (Thanh Hải) commune, Ninh Hai (Ninh Hải) district, Ninh Thuan (Ninh Thuận) province.


Coral Island is full of beautiful coral reefs and mossy rock beds. Photo: Collection

Bau Truc ( Bàu Trúc) Pottery Village

Bau Truc pottery village is about 10 kilometers away from Phan Rang city to the South, right on National Highway 1A. Bau Truc pottery village is proud of being one of two the oldest ones in Southeast Asia. Unlike the other traditional and old craft villages such as Bat Trang. Bau Truc village is very modern and spacious. Pottery of Bau Truc village is famous for materials to make it. This just makes main differences between products making from pottery of Bau Truc and these of other villages.

++Location: Phuoc Dan ( Phước Dân) town, Ninh Phuoc ( Ninh Phước) district, Ninh Thuan ( Ninh Thuan)Province.


Pottery products reflect the daily life of Bau Truc’s people that looks modern but still bearing an old soul. Photo: @patrickgoal

Po Klong Garai Tower 

Po Klong Garai was built in the late thirteenth century and is a complex including the main tower, gate tower, sub-tower and tile wall. The location of Po Klong Garai is very convenient for tourists to visit and it has become one of the most famous destinations in Phan Rang, Ninh Thuan.

++Location: Bac Ai  ( Bác Ái) street, Do Vinh (Đô Vinh) ward, Phan Rang city, Ninh Thuan (Ninh Thuận) province.


Po Klong Garai is one of the most famous destinations in Phan Rang, Ninh Thuan. Photo: @lehatruc

Some attractive festivals in Ninh Thuan

– Rija Nagar Festival:  Rija Nagar Festival is held on April 23rd. As a cultural tradition of the Cham community, Rija Nagar Festival plays an important role in their religious belief. The crucial essence of the festival is that it is celebrated for the Cham people express their wishes for favorable weather conditions and crops in abundance.

– Ramawan Festival: Ramawan Festival is an annual event celebrated from 26 to 28 on August. On this occasion, Cham people who are also Muslims will express their gratitude to their ancestors and as well dear departed relatives by traditional rituals and especially do folk entertainment activities at Cham villages.

– Kate Festival: Kate Festival takes place in three Champa Towers within three days at the beginning of October (the towers include Po Rome, Po Rome, Po Nagar). The Kate’s main meaning is for commemorate the Cham people’s heroes, such as Po Rome, Po Klong Garai and dear departed members in their families. Besides, this is also an occasion for the local people to chill out, meet, and pray for the good fortune.

What to eat in Ninh Thuan? Restaurants in Ninh Thuan

What to eat when visitors travel to Ninh Thuan?

Banh canh cha ca

++ Address:

  • Banh canh Nhuong: 284 Ngo Gia Tu (Ngô Gia Tự) street, Tan Tai (Tấn Tài) ward, Phan Rang city, Ninh Thuan province.
  • Banh canh Ba Bon: 75 Ngo Gia Tu (Ngô Gia Tự) street, Tan Tai (Tấn Tài) ward, Phan Rang city, Ninh Thuan province.


A hot bowl of Banh Canh Cha Ca includes noodles, fried fish, fish beams, basil, green onions . Photo: @dhangng_

Banh can (Bánh căn)

++ Address:

  • Banh can Le Loi: 58 Le Loi (Lê Lợi) street,  Kinh Dinh ward, Phan Rang city, Ninh Thuan province.
  • Que Huong Restaurant: 133 Tran Quang Dieu (Trần Quang Diệu) street, Thanh Son (Thanh Sơn) ward, Phan Rang city, Ninh Thuan province.


It is great to enjoy Banh Can Ninh Thuan! . Photo: @ansapsaigon

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