The most anticipated racing competition on the planet, F1 Grand Prix, will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam, in April 2020. AA Vietnam Travel is honored to be one of the official ticket resellers of the race. In this article, we will provide you with all the important information about this event that you need to know!

Vietnam Grand Prix 2020


This April, Hanoi will become more thrilling than ever with the most exciting and glamorous sporting and entertainment event: The F1 VinFast Vietnam Grand Prix 2020. This is also an important milestone for Vietnam to become the 34th host country of Formula 1. From now on, Hanoi is officially listed on the Formula 1 world map and is acknowledged as an indispensable destination for Formula 1 fans in particular and international tourists in general.
The following is all the primary general information about the Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 that you need to know.

Date, Address & Participating Teams

The F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 race will take place in 3 days: Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th, and Sunday 5th April 2020. As it is the weekend, everyone can find it easy to arrange a time to attend this not-to-be-missed event.
The F1 race track in Vietnam is called the Hanoi circuit. It is located in My Dinh with a total length of 5,607m with 23 corners inspired by the other representative racing lines of the Formula 1 race. Its high-speed turns and 3 passing points will surely create many competitive opportunities for the drivers and give speed enthusiasts breathtaking speed showdowns. Up to now, the Hanoi circuit has been completed about 80% and can undoubtedly be delivered on time for the event.

Vietnam Grand Prix 2020
Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 Event Format

The participating teams of the Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 include Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, Renaut, Haas, McLaren, Racing Point, Alfa Romeo, Toro Rosso, and Williams.


Here is the thing that makes the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 particular: The Hanoi circuit consists of a total of 9 grandstands which, from the first turn to the last turn, are respectively named after the major cities of Vietnam in order from the North to the South: Thang Long (the old name of Hanoi), Hai Phong, Ha Long, Hue Matrix One, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Saigon, Can Tho and Phu Quoc. By calling the grandstands by the names of the destinations symbolizing the history, the long-standing culture, and the development of the country, the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 will contribute to promoting Vietnam to millions of enthusiasts of the most prestigious racing event in the world.

F1 Vietnam Grand prix 2020


Besides the breathtaking race at the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020, you can also enjoy many other forms of entertainment. While the racing briefly stops on track, you can try the ultra-modern simulators that allow you to challenge yourself to the brand-new Hanoi Circuit. Let see if you too can reach speeds of 335 km/h as you hurtle towards the finish line just like the drivers. There will be attractive rewards for you if you participate!
If focusing on the race and cheering on the riders so passionately makes your stomach rumble, don’t you worry, the food zone will always be ready to refuel your energy. Here you can enjoy the culinary delights of traditional Vietnamese cuisine such as pho, La Vong grilled fish, etc.

Mamma Mia, what a beauty! Ferrari has unveiled its car ahead of the 2020 season and it is a stunner!

Coming to the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020, all weekend long, you can throw yourself to the beat with performances by world-class DJs and renowned international singers during the live music acts. This performance will undoubtedly heat the atmosphere and give you an adrenaline rush!
Last but not least, at the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020, there is an event dedicated to all the hardcore F1 fans. You will have the chance to meet and greet your F1 heroes – including Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen & Charles Leclerc – in person at the daily autograph sessions. Don’t forget to save the moment by taking photos with your idols!

Ticket Classes

There are 4 ticket options corresponding to the different prices and racetrack experiences for you to choose from.

1. General Admission (GA)

This is the most suitable type of ticket for anyone who wants to experience the most prestigious race on the planet at a reasonable price. You should check in early so you can proactively choose for yourself a nice seat position as to not miss any fascinating moments of the race. The GA audience can also participate in all other interesting side events such as visiting technology exhibitions, attending food or attending the Fanzone. With 2 economy classes, economy tickets and high-class economy tickets, customers will have more options to follow this world’s biggest racing event.

GA Ticket Options & Prices:
Friday (03/04/2020): 30 USD/700,000 VND
Saturday (04/04/2020): 45 USD/1,050,000 VND
2 Days (Sat, Sun) (04/04/2020 – 05/04/2020): 68 USD/1,600,000 VND
3 Days (03/04/2020 – 05/04/2020): 75 USD/1,750,000 VND

2. Grandstand

The Grandstand tickets are the most sought after tickets by the F1 fans. The grandstands are where you can witness the incredible speed of the riders. It promises to bring viewers the most diverse and authentic views of the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020. Located in prime locations, the Grandstand tickets allow spectators to directly observe all the turns and all the professional performances of the top riders in the world. There are 3 options for a Grandstand ticket: Premium Grandstand, Standard Grandstand and Unreserved Grandstand. This is definitely a must-purchase ticket for true fans of this speed sport.

Vietnam grand prix
F1 Vietnam Grand Stand

Grandstand Ticket Options & Prices:
Friday (03/04/2020):
Premium Grandstand (Thang Long/Hai Phong/Ha Long): 156 USD/3,636,000 VND
Standard Grandstand (Hue Matrix One/Saigon): 110 USD/2,590,000 VND
Unreserved Grandstand (Can Tho): 66 USD/1,560,000 VND
Saturday (04/04/2020):
Premium Grandstand (Thang Long/Hai Phong/Ha Long): 234 USD/5,454,000 VND
Standard Grandstand (Hue Matrix One/Saigon): 165 USD/3,890,000 VND
Unreserved Grandstand (Can Tho): 99 USD/2,330,000 VND
2 Days (Sat, Sun) (04/04/2020 – 05/04/2020):
Premium Grandstand (Thang Long/Hai Phong/Ha Long): 351 USD/8,250,000 VND
Standard Grandstand (Hue Matrix One/Saigon): 248 USD/5,830,000 VND
Unreserved Grandstand (Can Tho): 149 USD/3,500,000 VND
3 Days (03/04/2020 – 05/04/2020):
Premium Grandstand (Thang Long/Hai Phong/Ha Long): 390 USD/9,090,000 VND
Standard Grandstand (Hue Matrix One/Saigon): 275 USD/6,470,000 VND
Unreserved Grandstand (Can Tho): 165 USD/3,880,000 VND

3. Hospitality

This is the most luxurious ticket class. Hospitality tickets give you the opportunity to meet and interact with business partners. It can either be a reward for important partners and employees or just simply a comfortable weekend break with friends and family at the biggest event in Vietnam in 2020 – F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020. Three different ticket tiers – Diamond Suite, Platinum Champions Club and Gold Lounge offer exclusive privileges such as Skydeck, in-suite entertainment, Pit Lane Walk, Starting Grid photo with Trophy, etc. You will also get to enjoy diverse & excellent cuisine, fine drinks and the best view to observe the track in a separate and luxurious area. Hospitality tickets promise to bring an unforgettable experience for you and your partner during the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020!

F1 Vietnam Hospitality TicketHospitality Ticket Options & Prices:
Friday (03/04/2020):
Platinum Champions Club (Thang Long/Hai Phong/Ha Long Turn 2/4): 1,360 USD/31,960,000 VND
Gold Lounge (Hue Matrix One/Saigon): 840 USD/19,740,000 VND
Saturday (04/04/2020):
Platinum Champions Club (Thang Long/Hai Phong/Ha Long Turn 2/4): 2,039 USD/47,940,000 VND
Gold Lounge (Hue Matrix One/Saigon): 1,259 USD/29,600,000 VND
2 Days (Sat, Sun) (04/04/2020 – 05/04/2020):
Platinum Champions Club (Thang Long/Hai Phong/Ha Long Turn 2/4): 3,059 USD/71,900,000 VND
Gold Lounge (Hue Matrix One/Saigon): 1,889 USD/44,400,000 VND
3 Days (03/04/2020 – 05/04/2020):
Diamond Suite (Ha Long Turn 2-3): 4,100 USD/96,500,000 VND
Platinum Champions Club (Thang Long/Hai Phong/Ha Long Turn 2/4): 3,399 USD/79,900,000 VND
Gold Lounge (Hue Matrix One/Saigon): 2,099 USD/49,330,000 VND


Buying a Paddock Club ™ ticket means you become a part of the event. This year, at the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020, for the first time, there is an opportunity like this to attend the F1® Paddock. This is the center of the event – a hub of F1 riders, racing teams, engineers who have built the world’s fastest machines and celebrities. It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that you can only fantasize!

FORMULA 1® PADDOCK CLUB™ Ticket Options & Prices:
Friday (03/04/2020): PADDOCK CLUB™ (Thang Long): 1,004 USD/23,270,000 VND
2 Days (Sat, Sun) (04/04/2020 – 05/04/2020): PADDOCK CLUB™ (Thang Long): 5,271 USD/122,150,000 VND
3 Days (03/04/2020 – 05/04/2020): PADDOCK CLUB™ (Thang Long): 5,800 USD/134,420,000 VND
Do not hesitate to message AA Vietnam Travel to buy tickets for the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 and for the best support on the ticket selection!


How to obtain a visa to Vietnam

According to the regulations, foreigners who enter Vietnam must have a passport (or valuable papers in lieu of passport) and must have an entry visa issued by the competent authority of Vietnam, except for visa exemption cases. Citizens of these 24 countries are allowed to enter and stay in Vietnam for a certain period of time without a visa. These are citizens of countries that have signed bilateral and unilateral visa exemption agreements with Vietnam.

In order to enter Vietnam under visa-free status, citizens of these countries must ensure: a passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Vietnam and a passport with at least 02 blank pages.

To save time and money when applying for a Vietnam visa, you should first check if you are a citizen of one of the countries that are visa free to Vietnam.
If you are not eligible for a Vietnam visa exemption, you must prepare the following:
1. A passport that is valid for at least 06 months, not torn or blurred and has at least two blank pages for visa stamping. Temporary passports are not accepted.
2. A visa approval letter is required if you get a visa at Vietnam’s international airports.
3. Photos: Two (02) passport photos (4 × 6 cm) taken within the last 6 months without glasses.
4. Declaration form: The entry and exit declaration form for customs procedures at Vietnam’s airports
5. Stamping fee: to be paid upon arrival at Vietnam airport

Currently, there are 3 ways to apply for a Vietnam visa.

At the Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate in the host country.
At Vietnam’s international airports (Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat, Da Nang)
Apply for an electronic visa registered at the Vietnam Immigration Portal (https://evisa.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn). The e-visa fee is 25 USD and is granted for one entry up to 30 days.
You also need to pay attention to the type of visa you need to register. For more information about the visa issue, you can refer to the article: TOP 6 SHOULD-NOT-MISS TIPS TO VIETNAM VISA or contact our staff now for more details.
AA Vietnam Travel can quickly resolve visa applications for customers. Contact us now so that this first step in preparation for the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 is no longer of your concern. Email: info@aavietnamtravel.com

How to transport within Hanoi

There are many ways to get around Hanoi. Motor taxis or taxis are always available on the street. You can also book transportation on popular online transportation booking apps in Vietnam, such as Grab, Go Viet, Be, etc. However, around the time of the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020, it certainly won’t be easy to book a car because of the high demand.

The best way is to let the travel agency handle the transportation for you. When using the services of AA Vietnam Travel, we guarantee to provide you with a personal tour guide and transportation with a team of well-trained staff.

Where to stay during the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020

To make traveling to the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 easier, it is better to stay close to the racing field. Here is a list of 4-star and 5-star hotels around My Dinh Complex.

  • JW Marriott Hotel

Featuring modern architecture and an impressive facade, JW Marriott Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Hanoi. This hotel is next to the National Convention Center, Keangnam – the second tallest building in Vietnam and is only 4 km from My Dinh National Stadium. The hotel features a huge indoor pool, meeting venues with 2 ballrooms, 5 restaurants, and a full-service spa center. Each room and suite here is equipped with a flat-screen satellite TV, minibar, and seating area. The private bathroom comes with a bath or shower, hairdryer, and free toiletries. Certain suites offer views of the lake. JW Marriott Hotel had the honor to welcome former US President Obama, the Chinese President Xi Jinping, and the current US President Donald Trump.

  • InterContinental Hanoi Landmark 72

InterContinental Hanoi Landmark 72 is located near the National Convention Center, Hanoi Museum, and just 4 km from My Dinh Stadium. Part of the Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower, this hotel occupies from the 62nd to 71st floor of the second tallest building in Vietnam. At the height of 346m, InterContinental Hanoi Landmark 72 is the tallest hotel in Hanoi. The hotel owns 359 luxurious guest rooms, with 34 suites, stretching from the 63rd floor to the 70th floor of the building.

Hotel InterContinental Hanoi Landmark 72

All rooms and suites have smooth glass doors, opening to panoramic views of Hanoi city from above. 4 restaurants and bars (The Hive Lounge, 3 Spoons, Stellar Steakhouse, and Q Bar) on the 62nd and 62M floors of the hotel provide luxurious space and excellent cuisines. InterContinental Hanoi Landmark 72 is also an attractive destination for conferences and events in Hanoi, with 14 flexible meeting rooms and a ballroom (Grand Ballroom) accommodating up to 1,000 guests.

  • Crowne Plaza West Hanoi Hotel & Residence

Crowne Plaza West Hanoi Hotel & Residence is located next to the National Stadium and National Convention Center. This hotel and apartment complex is situated in a prime location in a developed urban area in the West of Hanoi, including 524 rooms and apartments, full of services and amenities designed exclusively for a high-class and modern experience. Also, the hotel offers a variety of resort, spa, and restaurant services to help guests have a complete vacation.
Crowne Plaza West Hanoi is honored to receive the 2018 “World Luxury Hotel Awards,” the category for “Luxury Business Hotels – Southeast Asia” during the Awards Ceremony in Bali Island, Indonesia with the participation of about 1,000 hotels worldwide.

  • Grand Plaza Hanoi Hotel

Grand Plaza Hanoi Hotel is 1.6 km from Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower and 5 km from My Dinh Stadium. All spacious rooms at the Grand Plaza Hanoi Hotel are fully equipped with amenities for guests. Coming here, visitors can also experience the sauna or relax at the spa center. Other property amenities include a garden, a gym, and an indoor pool. The hotel has an elegant lounge that serves afternoon tea and live entertainment at night. Highlights of the cuisine here include the Asian restaurant and the Le Jardin restaurant, which offer all-day dining and international buffet.

Besides these deluxe hotels, there are many other mid-range hotels with excellent service. Do not hesitate to message us and state your wishes for the accommodation during your stay for the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020. We guarantee to design a tour that best meets your requirements.

What to eat in Hanoi

Hanoi not only attracts visitors with the famous landmarks but is also known as a “culinary paradise” with a variety of delicious food. Here are the dishes that you must try during your stay in Hanoi for the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020.

  • Pho

When coming to Hanoi, it is a must to enjoy pho. Pho is a culinary symbol not only of Hanoi but also of the nation. The main ingredients are white noodles; broth has the aroma and sweetness of beef/chicken bones, beef, or chicken meat. The flavor will be even more delicious when served with chili, onions, fresh herbs, black pepper, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Pho is a popular dish with Hanoi people. Eating a hot bowl of pho in the morning is a great way to start the day.

  • Bun cha

Besides pho, bun cha is also a very famous dish in Hanoi. Bun cha was voted the best meal in the summer of 2012 on the CNN magazine. In 2014, bun cha once again entered the list of the ten best street delicacies of travelers on the National Geographic magazine. And especially, in 2016, during his visit in Vietnam, the former US President Obama and the famous late chef Anthony Bourdain came to enjoy this dish at a renowned bun cha store in Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi. Bun cha has a unique taste. Fresh vermicelli is served with delicious marinated grilled pork with sweet and sour dipping sauce and many kinds of herb.

  • Banh Gio (Pyramidal rice dumpling)

Banh Gio is steamed rice dumpling with the filling of minced meat, black fungus, and dried shallots. Usually, Banh gio is eaten with pickled cucumber. This dish is more like an afternoon snack with a price of only about 10,000-15,000 VND/plate.

  • Cha ca La Vong (La Vong grilled fish)

Referring to the famous Hanoi specialties, it is impossible not to mention cha ca La Vong. This dish has existed for over 140 years, from the French colonial period, and was used to serve the French army. How to make La Vong grilled fish is quite simple: the fish cake is usually made from sliced catfish, marinated with spices, and then grilled, then fried again in a skillet. Cha ca La Vong is served with vermicelli, herbs, roasted peanuts, and shrimp paste.

  • Bun Rieu Cua (Crab paste vermicelli soup)

The website Traveller rated bun Rieu cua as one of the most attractive rustic delicacies in Vietnamese cuisine. This dish can fascinate tourists with the unique creamy sweet soup made from crab paste. It is served with lots of herbs. The price of a bowl of bun Rieu cua is also very affordable.

  • Chao suon (Pork rib porridge)

Chao suon is extremely popular street food in Hanoi. Purée porridge is topped with tender pork ribs, finger-shaped souflé, fried shallots and a little pepper and chili powder. You can enjoy chao suon at any time of the day, whether it’s morning, afternoon, or even midnight.

Many other delicious Hanoi dishes are waiting for you to enjoy. Take advantage of your stay for the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 to do a food tour around Hanoi!

Book a Hanoi tour

On the occasion of coming to Hanoi to attend the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020, why not take a moment to stroll around this thousand-year-old civilized city? You must not miss out the following tourist destinations:

  • Ba Dinh Square – Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Ba Dinh Square – Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is a tourist destination in Hanoi that you cannot ignore. This is the political center of Vietnam with the National Assembly House, Presidential Palace, Ho Chi Minh Museum, etc.
Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is home to the remains of the beloved leader. Outside the mausoleum are rows of tall green bamboo. The mausoleum is opened on the morning of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. When visiting Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, pay attention to dress modestly, keep quiet and do not bring any electronic devices to film inside the mausoleum.

  • Hoan Kiem Lake

Located in the middle of the Hanoi, Hoan Kiem Lake or Sword Lake is like the heart of this thousand-year-old city. Walking around the lake, you will see an antique but still very modern Hanoi. Next to the lake, there are several ancient architectural works such as But (Pen) tower, Nghien tower, The Huc Bridge, Ngoc Son temple, Le Thai To king temple, Hoa Phong tower, etc.

  • Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter is located in the West and the North of Hoan Kiem Lake. There is a total of 36 streets that are home to a large population. Each street mainly focuses on selling a specific type of item. Wandering in the neighborhood and enjoying the old town cuisine such as pho Bat Dan, cha ca La Vong, my van than Dinh Liet, O Quan Chuong cold snail noodles, beer at Ta Hien street, etc. will make your trip extremely memorable!

  • Temple Of Literature

This is a leading architectural and cultural complex and the pride of the people of the capital when referring to the thousand-year-old tradition of Thang Long – Dong Do – Hanoi. The Temple of Literature is considered a symbol of knowledge and is the place to worship the saints, masters of Confucianism, and Chu Van An – the typical teacher of Vietnamese education.

  • St. Joseph’s Cathedral

Located at 40 Nha Chung Street, Hang Trong Ward, the St. Joseph’s Cathedral is famous with not only Christians but also with the youngsters and tourists. It has the architectural style described as resembling Notre Dame de Paris with high walls, arches, and stained glass windows.

  • West Lake

West Lake is one of the most famous tourist destinations of Hanoi. The scenery along the West Lake is extraordinarily poetic and dreamy. Surrounding the lake are rows of tall green trees, flower beds, and green grass growing around.
What distinguishes the West Lake from the other lakes in Hanoi is the watercolor. The color of the lake water in each season change according to the weather, sometimes blue, gray, bright or dark. And especially, it becomes the most dazzling at the end of the day – when the sunset falls over the landscape.

Above are just a few of the many typical tourist destinations in Hanoi. Contact AA Vietnam Travel right now to book the tickets for the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 and design a custom-made tour for you!


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