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Rolling rice paddies as far as the eye can see. The sound of chickens clucking. Stilt houses surrounded by forest-covered mountains. Simple and fresh plates of food. These are the impressions Mai Châu will give you. Situated in easy reach from Hanoi, Mai Châu is a breath of fresh air, and a great option if you’re looking for a calm destination rich in nature and culture. Here are seven top things to do in Mai Châu.

Wake up in nature


Mornings are ideal for peaceful walks through Mai Châu. With small hamlets dotting the valley, winding paths and quiet gardens, it’s easy to explore on your own. Keep an eye out for a drink stall where you can savour a cà phê phin (Vietnamese coffee) looking out onto the rice fields as butterflies drift by. 

Learn about ethnic textiles


When in Mai Châu, don’t miss the chance to shop beautiful fabrics woven by the White Thai people. Local shops will even have looms out front, where you can watch the locals weaving, or give it a try yourself. For an ethical splurge, check out Hoa Ban+ shop in Lac village, a social enterprise that gives vocational training to women from the White Thai minority.

Pedal through the valley


One of the best ways to experience Mai Châu is by cycling. You can set off on your own or hire a guide to help you explore the many trails through the valley. A guide can also introduce you to a White Thai household. Take a seat in their long stilt houses, where you can sip tea, nibble on lychees and find out more about rural life. 

Taste farm-fresh dishes


Mai Châu’s cuisine is as fresh as it comes. Start your meal with cơm lam (bamboo-tube grilled rice). Peel off the bamboo cover and dip the rice in minced peanuts for a delicious treat. Gà đồi (grilled native chicken), thịt lợn xiên nướng (pork skewers) and stir-fried greens are some favourite Mai Châu dishes. If you’re feeling adventurous, try ve sầu chiên, a local delicacy of stuffed and fried cicadas. 

Enjoy ethnic dance and music


Traditional performances are a special part of every visit to Mai Châu. The White Thai musicians are skilled at using natural materials to craft instruments that create mesmerizing rhythms. After dinner, relax and settle in to watch a White Thai performance. These shows feature live folk music and dancers in full ethnic dress. 

Sleep in a stilt house


If you’ve never tried sleeping in a stilt house, you can in Mai Châu. Wooden stilt house homestays can easily be found in Lac Village and Poom Coọng village. These houses usually have clean and simple accommodation, with shared bathrooms and open-air sleeping quarters. Mai Châu also boasts four-star hotels as well as beautiful lodges with views of the rice fields. 

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